If Music be the food of love….play on!(Shakespeare's Twelfth Night)   Nov.1 2012

A decade ago a friend & then owner of the local tavern in Balnarring, asked me if I would like to do something I'd never done before and start an open mic night in our town.
Her partner prophetically saying “I think this is going to become legendary”.
Little did I know, that her offer was really giving me something that was soon to change my whole outlook on life and where music fitted into, and even directed it!

Ten rich years of shared musical magic on the Peninsula later, and so many of us have come to learn about the value of working together on this adventure of a lifetime, and in so doing, the simple truths of what’s really important in life.

On our recent month long family trip to Central Australia, I got to a point, whilst at the most inspirational Uluru, where I had hit a wall, come to the end of a line, and was struggling to reconcile my very presence at this most sacred space, with our recent colonial past that had brought us to this land in the first place.

A long phone call to a dear friend in WA, gave me something to hold on to, a well worn and ancient path, a songline.

So my family & I made our way to a particular waterhole on the Northern side of the rock, not far from where thousands of people from all over the world arrive every year to face the conquering challenge of climbing her.

As the sun approached the ground at the end of another 38 degree day, we headed past sacred women’s places of teaching and learning, natural hollows where food was prepared, low overhangs under which the old men, the elders, would light a fire and watch over their family and dream, until we came to a beautiful cool place filled with grasses and trees. A sanctuary.

The whispering winds were being sucked into this natural cathedral, passing around us five travellers, and up the face of  a rock that has clearly carried water to the desert floor since the beginning of time.

The waterhole was empty, the winds fell silent, we sat in a circle in a clearing nearby, and with some red dust mixed with water that we had brought, we painted, shared our thoughts and wishes, and I offered a brand new song to the mother.

A well worn and timeless path, a line connecting hearts, an eternal moment.
For me a healing, a transformation, a reason to begin.

Here’s to the song!
How lucky we are.



The Nelson-Williams Magic Bus heads to Uluru, Alice & back along the Murray River.

Marty Williams and family head away for a month, SEPTEMBER 9 - OCTOBER 6-ish, leaving our Mornington Peninsula home, we head westward to Adelaide/Barossa Valley, then up north to Alice/Uluru & the central Australian Desert, before following the songline of the Rainbow Serpent from it's tail (Uluru) across the great dividing range to it's head, the forrest clad mountain of Gulaga, southern New South Wales!  We will meet many amazing & inspirational people on our journey, sharing stories, songs & art, learning more about who we are, and what we can do to make the journey ahead more meaningfully connected to our ancient ancestral spirit, and to our sense of community NOW!

9th September...
On the 47th anniversary of my birth, we head west from Melbourne, arriving in Adelaide just on sunset, in time for a spicy birthday dinner with old friends Daryl & Heather  Taylor-Johnson & fam.....perfect!

11th September
Beautiful Bethany in the heart of the Barossa Valley with dear musical friends Cloudy & Gian & their gals!!!
We spend a stunning dreamy afternoon in the turn of the Tanunda creek! With a brief bathe, we have been brought one step closer to heading inland.

14th September
Flinders Ranges : The 9 hour walk to the saddle beneath Saint Mary's Peak through the parched heart of Wilpena Pound, and back down the scraggy beautiful rocks back to camp, was an amazing test for our family, and our spirit of adventure. 

16th September
Sunrise Cober Pedy style....here we go my friends :)


Bethany, Barossa Valley

Kanju Gorge - Uluru
Kanju Gorge-Uluru

Kata Juta Sunset